Regional Summaries

ACMG Mountain Conditions Summary for the Rockies and Columbia Mountains. August 16, 2018

Hot and smoky. That's OK for your local jazz bar but not so great for mountain activities...

Record high temperatures were recorded in some areas last week. I saw a 34 from my backyard weather station in Banff; the only other time I have seen that number it had a "-" in front of it.

We did have a brief respite last weekend when a cold front passed through all areas but there was more lightning than rain associated with it. Although the highest peaks had a dusting of snow on them on Monday morning it quickly melted.

ACMG Mountain Conditions Summary for the Rockies and Columbia Mountains. August 11, 2018

Its been a scorching, lung burning smokey week. In the Rockies its become classic August conditions where while its warm, you want to avoid any ice faces and gullies which will have constant rockfall and lots of black ice showing. This week has been warmer than usual which means no freeze overnight whatsoever. Reports from the Columbia Icefields have said the area is mainly out of shape on the traditional routes due to rockfall, and a group in the AA Col had a very close call as members of the party got hit. The flip side is rock routes at all elevations are in prime shape!

ACMG Mountain Conditions Summary for the Rockies and Columbia Mountains. August 3, 2018

The forecast for the August long weekend is for unsettled showery weather on Friday night and Saturday with a lingering chance of lightning storms, before things clear up and dry out Sunday and into next week. Further west and south looks a bit drier throughout the weekend. As of Sunday it looks like a really good week for summer climbing everywhere!

MCR Summary Rockies and Columbia Mountains, July 26

We are into full summer mode with HOT to above normal temperatures forecasted into the weekend. With this great summer weather comes the likely chance of afternoon thunderstorms, particularly along the east side of the Columbia and Rocky Mountains. Many areas have fire bans in place and are experiencing light to mild smoke from forest fires.

MCR Summary Rockies and Columbia Mountains, July 19

Summer is in full swing in the Rocky and Columbia Mountains!

Things have been heating up in the past week with hot and dry being predominant. At the same time we have seen some rapidly moving cold fronts creating lightning storms and wind events. For the coming week it looks like much of the same.

Overall trail conditions are good but vestiges of winter and spring can still be seen on high passes and along the continental divide with snow and muddy sections being reported on some routes.

ACMG Mountain Conditions Report for the Columbia and Rockies Mountains July 5

Well summer is finally back in Canada, along with the mosquitos and no-seeums. This weeks cool temps and precipitation has brought snow across most of the Kootenays and Rocky Mountains above 2500m. I would expect on sunny aspects that it is disappearing fast. The weekend is looking hot with possible unsettled weather on Friday night into Saturday and isolated thunderstorms. With things warming up and melting out I would be anticipating rockfall, surface snow avalanches and whats left of cornices to be week.

ACMG Mountain Conditions Summary for the Rockies and Columbia Mountains. June 28st, 2018

As we approach the Canada Day long weekend, we also approach an unsettled week of weather. Many forecasts are calling for rain through the weekend with snow at higher elevations, and way up high one could assume there could be some concern about smaller storm/wind slabs in the short term, and loose wet avalanches in gully features.