About the Mountain Conditions Report

The information provided in the Mountain Conditions Report consists of field observations made by trained and certified professional guides.

The goal of making this information available to the public is to assist recreation mountaineers, climbers and backcountry travelers in planning their trips and aid in the process of making reasonable, informed decisions when in the field.

All reports and synopses are prepared and submitted on a volunteer basis based on regional guide activities.

The Mountain Conditions report was original developed by the ACMG. The ACMG and Arc'teryx have joined together to further develop the app and website, and will continue to work together to ensure it continues to meet the needs of climbers and backcountry travelers.

About the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides

The ACMG is a professional association of trained and certified Mountain Guides and Climbing Instructors.

We are dedicated to protecting the public interest in mountain travel and climbing instruction.

We are the only internationally recognized professional association of trained and certified Mountain Guides and instructors in Canada.

We set and maintain standards for admission to, and the practice of, the professions of mountain guiding and climbing instruction.

About Arc'teryx

North Vancouver sits at the foot of the North Shore mountains, just minutes away from skiing, climbing, and harsh mountain environments.

Founded by local climbers twenty-five years ago, Arc'teryx remains a gathering place of like-minded people. Our Design Centre is a hive, a hands-on think tank of active designers, materials experts, pattern makers and product developers who know what they want, how it will be used and why it has to work.

Simple solutions to complex challenges; this is the essence of minimalism and our philosophy of design. Reducing the effects o weather, streamlining use, and moving efficiently creates a timeless, outdoor experience.