Regional Summaries

Regional Summary for Rockies and Columbia Mountains July 14, 2022

Summer has finally arrived in the Columbia and Rocky Mountains! The drastically warmer temperatures, coupled with significant rainfall to mountain top last week, have rapidly changed conditions with noticeable differences from day to day.

While many higher elevation rock climbing objectives on sunny aspects are coming into shape, the shady aspects still need some time to dry out.

Regional Summary

With all the lingering moisture this spring, daily thunderstorms seem to be common, ranging from severe to mild. Weather models are uncertain regarding the weekend, most are showing a mix of conditions from sun, rain and snow above 3000m.

Avalanches, we are in an early spring transition period with avalanche hazard in the alpine. Multiple large slab and wet avalanches were reported from the Icefields Parkway and Bugaboos this week.

Glaciers, are starting to show sags over crevasses as the winter snowpack melts.

ACMG Mountain Conditions Summary for the Rockies and Columbia Mountains. June 23, 2022

Summer is finally arriving in the coming week, with heat warnings in effect for the interior ranges and west slopes of the Rockies starting this weekend. As a result we can expect mountain hazards related to warming to increase, especially water levels on streams and rivers.

ACMG Mountain Conditions Summary for the Rockies and Columbia Mountains May 26th, 2022

Welcome back to the Mountain Conditions Summaries. It feels almost like summer today but it has been a long cool spring and in the Valleys and the Mountains it really feels more like early May than late May.

Skiing is still possible and even reasonable at times on the Icefields and in most Alpine features. Snow and ice climbing conditions are also potentially good. The caveat being that as always in the spring you need a cold, clear night to get the kind of freeze you can trust.

ACMG Mountain Conditions Summary for the Rockies and Columbia Mountains. November 19, 2021

It's been quite a week for weather in western Canada. Mountain conditions rapidly jumped from mid-autumn to full-on winter in a matter of days, and we've witnessed a natural disaster of an unprecedented scale with the destruction of transportation lines in southern BC.

ACMG Mountain Conditions Summary for the Rockies and Columbia Mountains. November 12, 2021

It's been a slow start to the winter season. Most people I've spoke to are OK with that. Often when you get big dumps of snow early season it results in a basal weak layer that causes problems later on. Of course, predicting what will happen in a week or two is usually futile, let alone in a month or two. But so far so good.

ACMG Mountain Conditions Summary for the Rockies and Columbia Mountains. October 29, 2021

It's been the fall that keeps on giving in the Rockies and Columbia mountains. Another week of nice weather meant activities like rock climbing were still possible. Ice climbs have continued to form and although it's early season still the early performers in the high cold places like Storm and Ranger Creek are in pretty early season good condition.

Regional Summary: Rockies and Columbia Mountains - October 21, 2021

Much of October seems to have come as a consolation prize for enduring several weeks of smoke this summer. It looks like this will be coming to an end over the next few days.

The unseasonably warm temperatures continue on Friday, with freezing levels rising as high as 3000m. The western edge of the Columbia Mountains will see precipitation starting midday Friday and lasting through the weekend. The farther east and south you go, the higher the likelihood of drier conditions. Precipitation amounts and timing vary significantly by region.