Ski Conditions

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Ski Conditions

Warm temperatures yesterday in this area have created a melt freeze crust on all aspects until you are above 2300m. We skied some morainal terrain up to 25 to 30 degrees but everything except real N aspects had a crust that didn’t soften at all while we were up there today. Not much new snow overnight with perhaps 1-3cm in the last 24 hours depending upon elevation.

Yesterday a group spotted one size 2 and one size 1.5 natural slab avalanches on the steep moraines above Bow Lake. The crowns are still easily visible.

Brief conversation with Tim R: He reported great skiing on the northerly aspects on Little Crowfoot. Neil and Lawrence from the ACC on their way down from the Bow Hut reported good skiing above 2500 above the hut.

We did a rutschblock on the N facing moraines above the approach to Bow Hut at 2300m and got an RB6 (edge of block) down 17cm in the storm snow and down 45cm on the facets from the cold spell. Where we dug it was a rocky spot with only 170cm of snow. Despite the presence of basal facets and 3mm depth hoar we had no whumpfing in this area. We didn’t really push the terrain in any case.

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