Ski Conditions

Ski Conditions

The ACMG TAP program spent April 14-20th in the area around lake louise. Completing objectives along the icefield parkway, the 93S and in Yoho park.

Ski objectives included:
Observation Sub Peak
Mount Olive
Cirque Peak
Ferris Glacier Loop
Mount Hector
Surprise Pass
Mount Field
Mount Whymper
Lake Louise slack country
Mount Gordon

The week’s weather was stable, cold and clear, with temps hovering around -15 no precipitation and great visibility. The week ended with a small storm that gave the area up to 20cm’s of new snow that came with strong variable winds.
Avalanche conditions were stable with little change over the week. A crust on all aspects to 2500m with solar aspects carrying a crust much higher. Sheltered north slopes held the best skiing and improved over the course of the week from the cold temps faceting surfaces. Cornices were on our mind all week with large diurnal swings. Probing on glaciers we measured 200cm on average with up to 300cm in places.

Fast travel conditions and easy trail breaking allowed for long days and great alpine access.

Enjoy the spring touring!

Mike Adolph & Erica Roles and the ASGE 4 crew.

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