Ski Conditions

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From poor to bad...

Mount Whymper, via Chekadee valley

Ski Conditions

We went for a summit push today but turned around at 2400m
Snow was in good condition until 11 am, thanks to a strong cool SW breeze, after which radiation through the covered skies began to be felt by the snowpack.
Over 2200 a soft melt/freeze crust was found in parts buried under a developing wind slab, from the Mod to Strong SW winds.
As said, after 11, the snowpack was becoming rapidly and intensely moist, so we decided to turn around. We found that at lower elevations the work of the sun had made the snowpack more wet than anticipated.
The skiing was poor, on sticky snow, with a lot of pinwheeling and some point release from steep rocky terrain. On Solar aspects, these releases were due to the sun, but in the wind lee aspects, we observed some strong downwind drifts.
Min temp observed during the day was around 0ºC

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