Climbing Conditions

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Climbing Conditions

Weather : Overall the weather on the Icefield Parkway and in the Bow Valley was warm, with temps ranging from -15 in the mornings to +1 in the afternoon. Starting the week, winds were calm but changed to moderate westerlies on January 11. Little to no precipitation observed this week.
Ice conditions and Routes travelled:
Haffner main flow, Weeping wall left and right, Louise Falls, Balfour wall, Moonlight, Chantilly and Green monster.
Overall routes are in good climbing conditions, Well travelled, some wet ice and new ice forming overnight. Watch for dagger growth with rapid ice développement and solar input. Trade routes are busy due to limited options with multiple parties a day.
Louise Falls: Very travelled, busy, right side pillar has touched and is fattening quickly. Daggers are growing quickly.
Weeping Wall: All routes are being travelled, great ice conditions with minimal sun effect for now.
Moonlight: Well travelled, snowline has no protection for the first 30 feet.
Avalanche and Snowpack Conditions:
Due to the uncertainty of the persistent and deep persistent problems lingering in the Rockies we opted to stick to simple and non avalanche terrain. Some dry loose activity was observed in the surrounding Weeping Wall area up to size 2. The snowpack in the areas travelled sported well developed facets and depth hoar making for difficult trailbreaking conditions.

Play safe out there!

Mike Adolph, Lilla Molnar, Matt Mueller, Sean Isaac and the GTI student group.

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