Climbing Conditions

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Mt Begbie climb

Monashee Mountains, Revelstoke - Mt Begbie

Climbing Conditions

We did a recreational climb of Mt Begbie via the ledge & NE ridge on Aug 29th. The glacier is mostly snow free, with both open & bridged crevasses. Bridges we crossed were supportive of a single person, but unsupportive (of a person) snow bridges were probed in other areas. Crampons were used for both morning & afternoon travel. The small amount of snowpack that we traversed was sun cupped & supportive, with a max of 200cm of firm snow measured by probe.

The transition from glacier to the ledge system has a snow bridge to the rock that is supportive of a person. We used x2 30m ropes to rappel from the Northern of the two stations, and the rappel itself is approximately 25m. The moat was 1-2m wide where we stepped back on to the glacier.

Lots of water at the campground, and several sources on the trail. The trail is in good condition overall, with some wet areas & tread erosion from hiker use during this season. No windfalls were encountered, and the majority of the trail is brushed back from the tread. The outhouse is in good shape, with a near empty barrel to welcome the efforts of hikers & climbers. Bring your own TP!


Dave Healey
ACMG Ski Guide
Revelstoke, BC

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