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Ski Conditions

We climbed up Divide Creek to the Mount Niblock Col today under mostly open skies. Of note was an old size ~3.5 avalanche that had likely run during the big cycle in March. There was so much new snow on the glacier it was difficult to identify the old debris and the filled in crown looked like a burgshrund but higher up we could make out the dimensions. 400m wide, 1000m long over a vertical loss of 400m (from ~2750m under the rock band to ~2350m in the large flats beneath the glacier). Difficult to tell the depth but we saw blocks at the crown that seemed about 2m tall. Eric probed 1 - 2.5m of snow on the glacier and variable old bed surface.

The morning sun started pulling down a few loose slides on the steep east aspect at 10:15am.
We started the day with 3 cm of new snow over a breakable melt freeze crust at the car, but in the alpine we had about 20 cm of fist density snow with a thin wind skin on it over a dense midpack. Unfortunately we were about half an hour late skiing down at 1:40pm to get the best snow conditions as the sun had already kissed the west aspect and temps had risen quickly. I measured +5C at 1930m at 2pm. Great day to be out though!

Shaun King - Mountain Guide
Eric Groeneveld - Assitant Hiking Guide

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