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Climbing Conditions

Another nice spring day. Spring tends to bring with it a lot of new loose rock. Today's Observations:

Front Ranges peaks with significant snow (see photos) - Roche Bonhomme / Old Man; Meisner's Ridge (CR3); CR5A; Colin; Hawk; Esplanade; Gargoyle.
See also yesterday's photos.

Rock Climbing venues that are NOT READY to go yet:
Rock Gardens; Lost Boys; Watchtower; Rainy Day Slabs

Rock Climbing venues that might be OK if you don't mind walking on some snow to get to the many new hard routes put up by Francois:
Wad Valley

Front Ranges rock climbing venues that are GOOD TO GO:

The Suburbs - low elevation and close to the road

Morro Peak SW Face (see photo) - still mud on the start of the Overland Trail until past Morro Bluffs. Once you head up to the base of the routes it is dry. Expect SNOW and even some ice on the descent trail. Conditions changing daily and even hourly. Remember that spring tends to bring with it a lot of new loose rock.

Morro Bluffs - You will encounter a bit of mud on the approach (possibly frozen in the morning but mush in the PM). Shady in the morning / a decent afternoon venue.

Morro slabs including Schwarz's slabs and River Rock Routes are dry and windy, as always. Mud for the first 15m of the approach trail. Take the left fork for less mud.

Juno Wall - dry (see photo from yesterday)

Syncline Ridge rock routes - dry (see photo from yesterday)

Marmot Basin - spoke with Ryan Tichner this morning. He was grooming up there last night. Still a meter and a half of settled snow on the hill and good conditions. If you don't like all the snow on the rock and alpine routes in the pictures you can always wax up your skis and get after it for another few days.

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