Climbing Conditions

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Climbing Conditions

Spent the afternoon prowling around and doing a bit of rock climbing today. Travelled from Hinton to just past Disaster Point trying to get an idea of how much snow versus how much rock there was. A brief summary of my thoughts:

Ogre Canyon - looks dry from the road but no idea what the road may be like. Probably need a 4X4 at the moment to get in.

Bedson Ridge - looks dry as a bone but access may be the tricky bit.

Roche a Perdrix - snow bound - see photo.

Roche Miette - snowbound - see photo.

Syncline Ridge rock climbs - the routes all look to be dry but you will encounter some snow and mud on the approach at the moment.

Juno Wall - dry. It was a warm afternoon with only light winds around Syncline and Juno today.

Roche Ronde - uncharacteristically snowy on this normally dry ridge.

Roche Jacques / Cinquefoil Mtn - snowbound - see photo.

Pyramid Mtn / Victoria Cross Range - snowbound - see photo.

Roche de Smet - snowbound - see photo.

I have no idea whether or not the Rock Gardens or Lost Boys are climbable yet. My guess is the Watchtower area would still have a pile of snow?? Check with Gravity Gear to see who has been climbing where, since I didn't venture that deep into the park today.

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