Climbing Conditions

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Ice Conditions

Weeping Wall and David Thompson Corridor

Climbing Conditions

Ice conditions are shaping up well along the David Thompson Corridor with most routes “in shape” for early season. We climbed Kittyhawk on Saturday (thanks Jasper Visitor Safety for the new anchors) and the Weeping Wall Right today. Kittyhawk is in great shape and the Unicorn looked climbable on ice (see photo). The rap anchors are a great addition and the 2nd rap to the base of the route is a rope stretcher with 60m ropes. The Weeping Wall Right and Center routes were both climbed today but it is definitely early season with thin top outs and lots of gonging ice if you wandered off the main flow. The right side raps were all still there but definitely looking a little tired and in need of an update.

30 - 40 cms of recent snow on the highway driving out to the Weeping Wall this morning. Heads up if you are planning on venturing out ice climbing on routes that are in avalanche terrain in that neck of the woods.

Have fun out there!

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