Ski Conditions

Hilda Ridge - Columbia Icefields Area

Hilda Ridge Treeline Glades

Ski Conditions

Participants from the ACC TNF Leadership Course left the rain in Lake Louise in hopes of cooler temps and drier snow at Hilda Ridge near the Columbia Icefields.

There was good though heavy snow in sheltered areas. Above treeline was wind affected. Travel was occasionally difficult to heinous (when sinking in facets and depth hoar.) Whumps noted in open areas at treeline.

We conducted a rutschblock test in an open glade below treeline at 2200m on a NE aspect. We got a spooky RB3 whole block down 35cm on faceted crystals. We chose to ski low angle supported terrain and will continue to do so for the coming days.

During the day we had moderate predominantly westerly winds with strong gusts. Light precipitation accumulated to 2cm by the end of the day. Rain at lower elevations while driving. Noted pinwheels in moist snow on lower elevation S aspects.

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