Ski Conditions

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Decent skiing... For November

Crystal Ridge/Cirque Forepeak

Ski Conditions

Found pleasant skiing between the rocks on the shady side of Crystal Ridge and from the Col between Cirque forepeak/cirque peak where 10-15cm of low density snow is sitting on generally supportive surfaces. Despite this we experienced no sluffing on moderately steep slopes. I expect this would be a different story in extreme terrain. Localized wind prone areas had seen reverse loading, and there is plenty of snow available for transport as winds increase over the next few days. Probing on all aspects found the foundational facets of the Rockies snowpack coming along nicely, and we experienced a settlement on a south aspect immediately below ridgetop.

Natural avalanche activity was limited to recent small loose avalanches and previous wind slabs on South aspects.

The downhill bushwacking in the trees was better than expected for November thanks to the new snow on supportive crust.

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