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Cougar Rock Re-bolting Update (Hinton)

Cougar Rock between Hinton and Jasper, AB

Climbing Conditions

Top roping at Cougar Rock is now good to go again!

Sgt Jerome Bourget and I completed the first step in the re-bolting of the small Cougar Rock climbing venue located just West of Hinton, AB. This is the closest natural rock to Hinton for climbing.

To ensure that the local climbing community was in favour of this move, I employed the assistance of the Association of Jasper Climbers. They sent a survey out to the ACC Edmonton and Jasper / Hinton Sections, plus posted on their social media channels. 98.6% of respondents were in favour of re-bolting old and aging anchors with modern hardware. 92% were in favour of bolting routes for sport lead climbing.

Jerome and I removed two dozen wedge bolts using a tool called a YABR. This removes the bolt without damaging the rock. Next, we over-drilled the hole size to accommodate Fixe glue-in bolts. We then placed 25 glue-in bolts for top-roping. The remaining 6 wedge bolts have epoxy on the nut to prevent removal.

This completes the first part of the Cougar Rock re-bolting project. The bolting of a select few routes for sport lead climbing will take place later this summer once I replenish my supply of glue-in bolts.

The $600 cost of the bolts and glue (so far) was borne by me personally with a $200 supplement from the Jasper / Hinton Section of the Alpine Club of Canada.

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