Ski Conditions

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Ski Conditions

Just finished Bow to Yoho traverse (April 12-15) and wanted to include a few photos of the glaciers.

Generally, we had great visibility on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. It snowed 5-10cm into Friday morning the 12th. We experienced strong S-SW-W winds on Friday night and into Saturday morning, which have scoured all exposed areas and created windboard and wind pressed surfaces everywhere else.

We didn't encounter any windslabs, but observed a few thin Na Wind slabs to size 1.5. We also observed a widespread LW cycle on solar aspects to sz 2 , some of which have triggered aforementioned windslabs. Witnessed one Sa size 1.5 Cornice failure just East of Isolated Col, where a party of 3 where transitioning above the Col, and triggered a small bus sized cornice on NE aspect. The cornice pulled LW and ran ~200m. They lost a backpack and one ski over the cliffs, which they were ale to recover.

We were able to find soft powder on sheltered NW aspects, with PS of 10cm. Travel conditions were excellent, and we had good overnight recoveries during the whole trip.

Glacier coverage is variable...from bare ice to 300cm. Probed 200cm on average on Bow glacier going up Mt Gordon, and between 200-300cm on Yoho glacier going up the Collie icefall. There are multiple safe options up the Collie Icefall that avoid the overhead serac and the gnar in the middle.

Below are the photos of the Collie Icefall approach, Guy hut approach, Mt. Des Poilus glacier and the President glacier. Happy it snowing again?

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