Trail Conditions

Yoho Pass trail conditions

Yoho Pass from Emerald Lake

Trail Conditions

Went for a walk today up to Yoho Pass from the Emerald Lake side to stretch the legs. Lots of water running all over the place. The trail thru the alluvial flats past the end of the lake is it's usual self, lots of bridges with some of them being more useful than others. Once you get on the long, climbing traverse to go over the headwall and onto the Pass we encountered water running over and down the trail at the usual spot just below the lip of the headwall. There is also considerable water running down the trail just above this due to the fact that at 1800m the trail is still fully snowbound. There is a very well trodden trail to Yoho Lake across the snow that carried pretty well, however we were still able to punch through and post hole up to waist deep on this section, which would be unfortunate if you had bare legs and were wearing mesh running shoes. I would guess that with some heat, or some rain this snow section would be miserable hiking. We didn't venture past the lake, however my guess would be that on the Takkakaw side the trail is in a very similar condition down to about 1800m. We advised some folks against heading out along the Iceline trail from the lake. Summer visitor season is in full swing but it still seems like winter is hanging on up high. Stay safe while getting sweaty out there folks!

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