There has been limited observations within Bugaboo Provincial Park. There is a lot more snow hanging around then usual for this time of year.


-The road is rougher then last year. An all wheel drive with a bit of clearance is necessary right now. Low clearance, 2 wheel drive is not recommended.
-Approaching the Conrad Kain Hut is mostly snow free. Presently, you encounter snow just below the hut elevation.


-Applebee and Boulder Campgrounds are still under snow. You might be able to excavate a flat, higher site, but expect snow and moisture. Bring a shovel!

Snow Cover/ Route Conditions:

Third hand reports of post holing around the Conrad Kain Hut. 1 week ago the snowpack was said to be up to 100cm deep around the hut. It looks like the wet weather in the last few days has diminished the snowpack around the hut. I would expect lots of post holing into, under snow water courses from just below the hut elevation and above.

Still snow patches on the bigger, higher elevation climbing routes. Lower elevation, South facing routes on the Crescent Towers and Eastpost will be dry with some seepage from cornices and lingering snow patches. Expect lots of snow on non solar descents off of these routes.

Snow cover on the glaciers is excellent for this time of year. Upper elevations have been receiving some light snowfall this last week. Most has melted off of solar aspects but high elevation, shady aspects will be holding this recent snowfall.

Lower elevation snow bridges will be rain saturated and might take some care to cross safely.

Avalanche Conditions:

The last Slab avalanche that I saw occurred around the 14th of June after a significant overnight snowfall (20cm). A good size 2.0 + ran on a late winter layer around 100+cm deep. This natural avalanche occurred off of the East aspect of Flattop peak at 2850m.
Cornice failures and point releases continue to occur with rain, sun and rising temperatures.


Grizzlies and Black bears have been seen throughout the valley in the last 3 weeks.

Have a great start to the summer,

Dani Loewenstein
ACMG Mountain Guide

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