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Whyte Noise-Excellent Early Season Intro

Mount Whyte- Whyte Noise

Climbing Conditions

Justen Bruns and I today climbed Sebastian Taborszky's (Arise Guiding) new route behind Lake Agnes. We took advantage of early season conditions to hike in in 2 hours, including a short solo up an iced up Creek Rd into the hanging cum below the upper flanks of Whyte.

The route itself is likely to become an early season moderate classic, though leaders should be solid at the WI3 M4 grade. After snow reported from a few days ago we found less climbing than reported on the first ascent a week ago. Adequate gear was found on the two crux sections (pitch 1 vertical snice step, pitch 5 leftward trending thin mixed).

With too much more snow the knee deep gullies we encountered would start to seem spooky I imagine.

A great outing for getting back into standing on your crampons in the early season.

Thanks Seb.

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