Ski Conditions

Whistler Backcountry

Musical Bumps Cowboy Ridge Singing Pass

Ski Conditions

Great skiing in 30cm recent HST at TL & below elevations. 20 cm HN was reactive to skier traffic in steep lee features from strong overnight winds but appeared to gain strength through the day. We did not venture into the Alpine but suspect numerous windslabs on N & E aspects.
Of note was a size 1.0 Sr avalanche in Singing Pass. Yes it was right in the drainage but investigation just uphill at 1650m showed 6mm SH and FC over the 180214 crust down 40 cm. CTM 15 sudden planar. The 180208 crust only 10 cm lower also has small facets both above and below the crust. This is consistent with last weeks snow observations as high as 2400m. There is not much of a slab over this interface yet but I suspect once the load increases it may get spicey. Heads up!
The Singing Pass trail is in great condition; use some caution on the drainage ditches mid way down.

Tim Pochay

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