Ski Conditions

Wet snow

Spearhead Glacier Area

Ski Conditions

I spent the day guiding in the Spearhead for Canada West Mountain School. Pretty much a completly clear sky after the morning high cloud moved way. Air temps where well into the teens.

In the morning there was a supportive 20cm crust in the Alpine. This broke down and provided really good corn skiing for a while before melting into deep isothermal snow which was at least as deep as my pole in many locations. Only true N aspects above 2200m preserved some of the crust to provide good skiing (Spearhead Glacier).
There is plenty of sign of recent avalanching. Most steeper slopes have debris under them.
Some cornices have slid to Sz 3.
The snow is quite runneled, discolored and glide cracks are abundant. Crevasses almost everywhere are showing distinct sags. Its a very mid spring like snow pack.
I didn't see any actual avalanche activity today.
One not worthy slide happend below the the microwave tower near Blacktusk. Its visible from the Squamish/Whistler highway and I'm told happened 2 days ago. Looks to be a Sz3 slab with lots of sharp features and good propagation.
Although there is some solidity due to spring settlement the deep loose Isothermal snow and maybe not so dormant PWL made me ski conservatively once the solid crust melted.

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