Climbing Conditions

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West Ridge of Tupper

Rogers Pass

Climbing Conditions

Penny Goddard and I climbed the West Ridge of Tupper today.
We used the Hermit Meadows Trail on the way up. There is spotty snow covering the trail from upper treeline. Once a couple hundred meters below the campsite there is significant snow coverage. The campsite is fully under snow with no evidence of bear boxes or tent platforms.

There was good recovery overnight which made for easy travel on supportive snow to the ridge propper. Though crampons were not totally necessary, they did make travel a bit quicker and allowed for a more direct line.

The ridge itself was snow free, dry and in excellent condition. The snow from a couple days ago has melted from all but the highest north faces in the area, see pictures.

We used the Lone Pine slide path to descend. It was continuous snow once into the main constriction of the path, all the way to within ten minutes of the highway.

All in all a great day!

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