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West Ridge

Razorback Mountain, Coast Mountains

Climbing Conditions

Hi all,

Following our Queen Bess trip, I guided an ascent of Razorback Mountain in the Niut Range of the Coast Mountains via the West Ridge (III 4th class) Aug 8 & 9, 2019. We accessed the area via a short 10 minute flight south of Bluff Lake BC with White Saddle helicopters. The weather in this area for the last week consisted of a strong ridge of high pressure with light Southwesterly winds and overnight freezing levels around 3000m.

The West Ridge was in descent conditions and mostly dry. There were a few snowy ridge sections encountered but crampons were not necessary as snow was soft, an ice axe was useful. Progress along the ridge was slow due to the undulating crest and generally loose rock even by Canadian Rockies standards. This peak lies on the Northeast side of the Tchaikazan fault and is composed of sedimentary rock. That said, there were some very nice narrow sections of compact slabs perched along the ridge crest.

All in all, an interesting peak more famous for its prominence than its rock quality! Firn line in the Niut appeared higher (2400m) and remaining winter snow depth above thinner than the neighboring Reliance group.

Have a great summer!

David Lussier
acmg mountain guide

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