Ski Conditions

Wendy Thompson Hut area

Marriot Basin Duffy Lk area

Ski Conditions

This is info from the past 3 days (Friday-Sunday)
Saturday PM - Sunday 2pm it snowed about 30cm. In the hut area there is a 2 - 2.5m base.
The Jan 15/16 crust should be about 80cm down and two days ago it only reacted to CTH with a RP irregular break. DT testing below to the Jan 6 Cr and the mid December layers we got no results. Also no results happened on Extend Column Tests. Another group got a RB6 on the Jan 15/16 cr.
Snow density is P/1F above the 15/16 Dr but quickly loosens to 4F and F. Skiing was amazing and creeks are filling in well but still very visible.
We saw one Sz 3 fracture line on a high N asp ridge top location (Honey Bronzed) on Sunday. Otherwise no avalanches.

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