Climbing Conditions

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Warm Temps Eroding Ice Conditions

David Thompson Corridor

Climbing Conditions

Warm temperatures today and tomorrow will drastically affect the ice climbing conditions in this zone for the short term. In the big picture things are looking great for ice conditions this winter, however for a few days the warm temperatures are going to erode the current ice and we won’t see much for ice formation. Cooler temps should bring rapid improvement to the ice conditions.

SARS on Ice - In
2 o’clock - In
Forgotten Land - trying ** Picture 1
NBTB - the top pitch is just a thin tube **Picture 2
ELH - trying
KH - looks awesome from the highway.
Ethan Woodside reports that one pitch is still unformed. Hope for some cold nights and mild storm inputs this weekend.
Galleries - In
GLBD - forming - might go if you climb the mix pitch for P1
Isaac’s - reported to be in/ wet.

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