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Variable conditions in the foothills

Foothills - Bragg Creek

Trail Conditions

Did some training in the Bragg Creek area, ascending Prairie Mountain from Prairie Creek. Good conditions in the valley, but with some snow in drainages and shaded slopes. Minor trail damage along Prairie Creek noticed. Once above 1700m, especially while ascending the ridge, snow became deeper at +10cm in many sections. Descending Prairie Mountain trail was the most dangerous section, as user traffic made the trail very slick - even with trail crampons.

Plenty of activity in this area today, and as conditions were still full-on winter some people were caught off guard. Make sure to have solid hiking boots, winter layers, and microspikes or trail crampons with large spikes (no rubber and coil traction) for both the ascent and descent. Storms have been passing through this area lately, with lightning observed 2 days ago, so start early and be prepared.

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