Ski Conditions

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Variable Conditions

Whistler/Blackcomb Backcountry

Ski Conditions

Skied in the musical bumps today hoping to hide from wind effect with limited success. The recent strong southerly winds pushed well down into treeline creating variable conditions. We found everything from soft to hard slab 30-60cm deep, exposed areas scoured to crust that were surface facetting, pockets of powder in very sheltered areas, and somewhat unpredictable skiing. We avoided any large, steep wind effected slopes. Clearly the lower into treeline we skied and the more sheltered it got, the less the wind effect, but the snowpack starts to dwindle quickly at lower elevations. We chose to exit via Whistler resort rather than singing pass trail.
No new avalanches observed but we were in simple terrain and had limited obs.
Skies were broken in am and overcast with light snow in pm. Temps were -5 with moderate southerly winds.
Play safe out there!

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