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Two Weeks in the Waddington Range

Waddington Range, BC

Climbing Conditions

Three friends and I returned just a few days ago from a two-week trip to the Waddington Range of BC. We flew into the BCMC's Plummer Hut, and climbed a variety of routes, mostly around the Tellot Glacier but also with attempts made on the Bravo Glacier route on Waddington itself and the South Ridge of Serra 2.

Some notable points from our trip:
- The snow cover is degrading quite rapidly with the recent heat. Over the two weeks we were there, bridges over crevasses and bergschrunds were significantly less supportive (and completely melting out in places).
- All the rock routes we climbed were in excellent condition; some had lots of lichen but overall the quality was quite good.

All in all, a fantastic area that's definitely not visited as much as it deserves! Feel free to contact me if you want more information.

Nick Baggaley
ACMG TRCI & CAA Affiliate Member

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