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TRU CMSG Hiking Guide Exam Dogtooth range.

Dogtooth Range, Purcell Mountains, BC

Trail Conditions

September 16-19, 2017

WX Summary / Conditions Summary:
The trip began trip in warm fall conditions, temperatures as high as +14. Weather deteriorating throughout the trip where we experienced snow and winter conditions; with snowline at around 6000 ft. after September 18th . The freezing level started to drop quickly. Overnight temperatures dropped down to a low of -5 the morning of Sept 19th.

Travel from Quartz Lake Trailhead (TH) to Quartz Lake has a well defined trail to follow. Past the lake it requires more detailed route finding up and over Cirque, Lang and Gorman Col’s. Travel can include loose scree, talus fields, high/steep passes, and rockfall hazard. Defined trail again from Gorman Lake back down to Gorman TH. Best option available around Gorman Lake in late fall/winter conditions was upper South trail.

Difficult travel on last 2 days was encountered due to wet, snowy conditions. Group summited Old Man Peak above Quartz lake, and attempted summit of Kingpin Peak above Lang lake, but turned around due to weather.

Group found ideal camp spots at: UTM’s: U11 0480049 5696507; 0482527 5693579; 0484323 5690054

Noteworthy Observations:
New flagging and cairns marking a trail around W side of Quartz Lake was helpful gaining the upper alpine valley. There was Evidence of recreational winter use throughout the area. There were some isolated signs of bear activity throughout the hike.

There is easy access to Quartz Lake trail head. The Forestry road is in good condition and is only 5.5 kms with parking options available.

Access to the Gorman Lake trail head is a rough road. We would not recommend travel without 4x4 high clearance vehicle. The turn off is not signed and you need to make sure that you have proper directions because of the new logging roads in the area. A shuttle option available available through Columbia Eco-Trac Adventures.

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