Avalanche Conditions

Touchy Storm Slab

Reudis Ridge South

Avalanche Conditions

Broke trail into Reudis south today to peek around at the snow after the storm. 45-60cm of storm snow sits on the old facetted snowpack. Full value trailbreaking from knee to waist deep, with the lower pack providing no support Treeline and below. Test profile at 2100m on a South aspect had easy to moderate planar results that propagated easily down 47cm on facets and surface hoar. Roughly 1m of snow at that elevation, with almost the entire snowpack being either F or 4F all the way to ground. Plenty of rolling whumpfs and shooting cracks. We stuck to very low angle supported terrain and didn't see much activity as a result, but the potential is certainly there to produce large avalanches.

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