Avalanche Conditions

Avalanche Conditions

The ACC/Columbia Section went up to 1900 meters on Mount Macpherson (Monashee near Revelstke), North Aspect.

Compression test Moderate SP down 35cm on SH size 6mm was observed at 1900 meters.

Cracking, was observed from 1100 meters to 1900 meters, and unsupported features were easy to triggered on our way up from 1200 meters up to 1900 meters.

It seems that we could ski cut size one easily between 1700 meters and 1300 meters on convex and above 35 degrees terrain features. Once these Storm slabs avalanches were initiated, they were running well into supported terrain.

Natural avalanches got observed up to size 2. Some of these natural avalanches happened mid day since they got observed at 15:00 upon our ski down, and they were not present on our way up.

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