Trail Conditions

Tombstone Range hiking.

Tombstone Range, Yukon

Trail Conditions

I spent the last 3 days in the Tombstone (Yukon Territorial Park) range with hiking clients. Our activities were focused around the Grizzly lake trail and the various day trips in this area.
Weather was splendid with daytime highs of 22C and overnight lows of 3C. The Grizzly lake/Divide lake/Talus lake circuit is well marked and we defined. Hiking away from this main circuit requires route finding. Water was not hard to come by in general but getting a little scarce along the Grizzly lake trail once you are on ridge. A known water stop at the 6km mark may not be there in a week or two.
Camping at Grizzly/Divide/Talus is on tent pads so bringing some extra, thin accessory cord to use for tie downs is recommended.
The Dempster highway to the trail head is in great shape but expect some delays on the north Klondike highway due to extensive road work.
Happy Trekking.

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