Ski Conditions

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Ski Conditions

Just back from a day trip in the Tantalus range. Generally excellent conditions on North and East aspect, 20 cm ski pen,

Terrain: Skied steep, glaciated alpine terrain in the 40 - 50-degree range. Noth and East 2300 - 1500m

Avalanche Activity: Trigger a few small surface wind slab, generally inconsequential 10-20cm deep and small. There was some previous activities up to size 3 on steep north 48H + and some fresher small 1-2 na. Activity was predominantly mid-slope releases. i suspect from cross loading westerly winds.

Wx: blue bird! but with strong ridge top Northerly winds in the AM. Winds dissipated around 10am. Strong outflow returned in the pm.

Excellent skiing and generally felt quite stable where skied. However still lots of terrain and snowpack characteristics i would be avoiding right now

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