Ski Conditions

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Ski Conditions

On March 10th - 13th, I followed two guides in training, Fabrice Delmeire and Tobin Berntsen, along the remote and rugged mountain chain along eastern Harrison lake.

We were heli-dropped at Treeline under Vista Pk in bad visibility. On March 11th it was clear and cold,( -12°) We skied onto Vista Glacier and ascended Surprise Pk. and a sub-peak to the south. On March 12th, we skied southwards along the divide ascending over Traverse Pk and Mt Breakenridge . The winds were very strong from the NW and it was wintery and cold.

On March 13th, spring arrived! We skied from a treeline camp South of Breakenridge out to a logging road high above Harrison lake. It was warm, clear and calm. The snow turned wet and we reached snowline on this south aspect at around 700m

There was surprisingly little evidence of avalanche activity. The glaciers have 3-4m? of coverage. The recent storm snow hadn't settled but appeared to be bonding well. On March 13th there was plenty of pin-wheeling, and snow bombs off the trees were a concern!

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