Avalanche Conditions

Storm slabs and DEEP snow.

Crowfoot Glades

Avalanche Conditions

Surprisingly unconsolidated snow at Crowfoot Glades today. Difficult trail breaking and really too much snow for skiing downhill in the current avalanche hazard. Hopefully the snow will settle soon as the temperatures were quite mild all day. Snow height was around 130 cm average. It would be REALLY tough walking:)

Several Sz 2 Natural avalanches were visible when we arrived and at least 1 Natural size 2 ran around midday. All of these were on the big slopes/fans below the cliffs off Crowfoot Mountain and probably triggered by sloughing out of the steep slopes/cliffs above. No wind observed up to ridge tops so avalanche activity may just increase if the wind starts to load things.

About 4,000,000 cars parked on the road but we only saw a few people all day. They must all be in white camo.

Happy trails,
Larry Stanier

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