Trail Conditions

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Trail Conditions

Spent the weekend in the Yamnuska/CMC Valley region instructing a course.

Arrived early Saturday morning to cool air, mist, and a snowline of roughly 1800m from Friday night. Trail conditions were generally positive heading up to the shoulder of Yamnuska, although muddy and wet in small sections, with conditions deteriorating as we travelled into CMC Valley. We encountered bits of snow and the trail turning into small sections of creek on the northern slopes. The expected storm for southern Alberta did not hit our location overnight, although a warm sleeping bag was required for shoulder season-like night time temperatures.

Sunday morning proved warmer, with a higher snowline from the night before, although windy conditions picked up as the day carried on. It was generally a pleasant day as trail conditions improved, however snow was still found in patches in CMC Valley and high up on Yamnuska - even with the sun baking it all morning. Something to consider if you plan on doing the full traverse of Yamnuska. A good weekend guiding, with a fun group of participants in the front range.

Justin Howse

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