Ski Conditions

Stepping out

Cayoosh Pass

Ski Conditions

Today was a confidence building day of heli assisted ski touring in the Duffy Lake area.
We skied between 1600-2550m, 25-45 deg NW-NE, SE aspects. Minimal wind effect except immediate lee feature at rigetop (2400m and up) True north aspect skied low density and unconsolidated. SE aspects just started to see some heat in the top 10cm. Very little to no windslabs with very pleasant skiing! One slope north of Cayoosh Mountain at 2300m had a facet layer down 120cm. Although we were skiing supported features we backed off this suspicious slope. CTH 21 SC down 120cm.
Over all my confidence in the snowpack in the locations which we skied was 2/1/1. Mainly concerned about isolated windslabs at ridge top and Big unsupported glacial features. Only one Nc Sz 1.5 off Mnt Oleg shoulder. No other recent activity to report.

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