Avalanche Conditions

Squamish snowpack

Paul's ridge

Avalanche Conditions

Having been out around Squamish a few times during and after the storm (our only real one), thought i'd add a few snow observations.
Around Squamish, there's currently about 100cm sitting on the nov crust @1650m. HS is 165. The surface hoar was sz 10-20mm (audible while riding) . From my obs, all the storm layers have tightened up and the snow is well bonded to the crust.
The crust is a laminated structure with facets and is decomposing while the facets at ground level are currently moist and rounding. While these facets are rounding, they're present and their strength is still suspect. Several of my tests had the whole column pop off the facets, while others were solid.

The current avalanche situation is atypical for the region and seems mountain/valley dependent through the south coast and careful analysis is recommended as being wrong could lead to fairly large avalanches. There's good riding to be had, just make smart (ie conservative) decisions.

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