Climbing Conditions


Columbia Icefields

Climbing Conditions

Spent the past 3 days on the Columbia Icefields. Generally fantastic conditions with solid overnight freezes and above 2700m at least the snowpack was keeping some strength throughout the day. We climbed Mt. Columbia yesterday, and skied Kitchener and Snowdome this morning with good corn skiing if your timing was good.

Travel up the Athabasca glacier is still good with a solid freeze and you can ski through both upper icefalls but having the rope on was a really good idea. There are some thin bridges in lots of places at those elevations.

People climbed the AA col and Ramp routes on Athabasca today and they looked good. The North face is very icy as is the Skyladder on Andromeda. It looks like someone had climbed the Grand Central Couloir on Kitchener as there was an exit tunnel through the summit cornice and tracks heading down the east ridge.

Of some concern was a couple of large wet slab avalanches around treeline along the Parkway. One recent avalanche on the North end of Parkers Ridge was probably 200m wide, 50-100cm deep and ran about 350m. Definitely a consideration for scramblers, hikers, climbers and skiers in the afternoon heat

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