Ski Conditions

South Coast Mountains, Metal Dome

Metal Dome Mountain

Ski Conditions

I went for a ski up Metal Dome today with Bridget McClarity.

Most vehicles made it up to the cabin near the end of the road at 1300m. We put our skis on 100m past the cabin. Later at the end of the day we managed to ski down to 1430m before the descending conditions became too boney.

The meadows are well covered but rocks and creeks are prominent.

We dug a quick pit at around 1900m on an east aspect. Slightly cross loaded location.
We found an HS of125cm with 50cm HST above a solid crust at 70cm (above ground). Below 30cm( and to ground) most grains where still wet/moist
The recent (50cm) storm snow varied from 1F-4F density and presented easy to moderate sudden planar compression test results, but did not fail on the crust.

On our ski down we met two skiers (an ACMG member) who mentioned remotely triggering a Sz 1.5 slab near the summit.

Ski quality was best described as heavy! But it was the first ski trip of the year for me and the sun did shine for about 2 minutes :)

Dave Sarkany

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