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Skiing near Rohr Lk

Ski Conditions

I was guiding near Rohr Lake today.

There is about 1 meter of snow at the bottom of TL and near 2 meters at the boundary of TL and Alp.

Dug a pit to ground at 1860m on a SW face. 180cm deep.
There is about 30cm of F density snow over a 5-10mm surface hoar layer. This resulted in repeatable CTM 14 sudden planner results.
The December 26 ice crust is 20cm thick and down 80cm from the snow surface. No CT and ECT results on this crust.
Below this (to ground) is almost another meter of snow that is primarily 1F density but the bottom 25cm made up of 4F basal facets.

The 25cm above the surface hoar was not reactive to skiing but might be an issue with further load and when a cohesive slab forms.
Basal facets are an ongoing concern.

Creeks are filling in and the boulder fields seem to have solid snow over the gaps between pronounced rock bulges.

Ski quality is good.

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