Avalanche Conditions

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South Coast Inland / Nahatlatch

Avalanche Conditions

I flew into a ridgeline in Log Ck drainage, located on the East slope of the Coast Range, a transitional Coastal - Interior snowpack. The ridgelines surrounding Log Ck. were undisturbed by wind, the ski pen. was 30cm+ and foot pen. was ~50cm, winds calm, and mid-day temperature was -5.

On the flight in, despite poor visibility, it was obvious that a widespread avalanche cycle to sz 3 had occurred some days ago, probably during the weekend during intense precipitation. The avalanches were 70+ cm slabs that ran into the tops of the runout zones. Practically every slope over 35degrees with a Southerly component, had slab avalanched!

Snowpit: At 1850m on a SE aspect the snowpack was 205cm. The top 90cm was right side up, fist and 4 finger resistant snow, perfect skiing! However, at 90 down, there was a distinct and visible 1cm rain-crust with very weak facets underneath. This was the weakness, 5cm of weak and sugary facets below the crust would collapse when disturbed. Below the snowpack became progressively stronger. The bottom 1 meter was strong in this location.

This avalanche problem will linger for some time. With more snow in the forecast, be careful in the transitional snowpack areas like the slopes in the Log ck drainage.

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