Climbing Conditions

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Climbing Conditions

Nicole and I hiked up to Vicuna mountain yesterday, (June 18th.) It was the first dry day after a week of unsettle weather. The morning was overcast but it quickly cleared off. The snowline was at 1500m on an east aspect.

Excellent travel conditions on the snow. By midday it was T-shirt wx, the foot pen on the snow was still only a few cm's. and stayed that way all day. Southerly aspects on the peaks were generally dry however snow snow slabs remain overhead on lower angle rock slabs and are prone to release this time of year. Lots of running water as the day warmed which brought down a few rocks from above

We witnessed one large avalanche in the distance that may have been a cornice or perhaps a snow slab. It ran far down into the valley below Alpaca. It was a perfect day, saw 2 black bears, no bugs in the alpine and just a few sleepy mosquitoes in the valley bottom. Crossing Creeks in the afternoon required bare feet if you wanted dry boots!

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