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Wells Pk, (Cacade Mtns, near Hope BC)

Ski Conditions

The approach to Wells Pk is along the Hope Mt. resource road. Snowline on the road was about 400m, so its a long haul getting to the alpine. its tough going along the road due to dozens of 2-2.5m chasms created by the late January monsoon rains . This made for slow travel, both up and down the road! I didn't probe for snow-depth but there is good coverage, likely a settled 3m snow-pack in the alpine.

Treeline traveling was great. 5 -10cm of ski pen and 10-15cm of foot pen in the N. facing terrain. There was isolated areas of surface hoar to 15mm along the lower road, but only well settled faceted snow in the alpine. The cornices seemed pretty modest for the area, no recent avalanches observed, nor did I see any wet slides of steep rocky areas.

0800hrs 400m, the temp was -1.5, at 1700m, in mid-afternoon , the temp was +2.5 Winds were light from the West. Sky was clear all day. Low elevation snow-pack had a breakable temperature crust, at 1200m there was 10cm of creamy faceted snow in polar aspects. At 1700m the open N facing bowl had generally good skiing in facets, moist facets and soft wind crusts left from the recent outflow winds.

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