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Disease Ridge and Body Bag Bowl

Ski Conditions

I was guiding for Canada West Mountain School today off Blackcomb.
The ski area boundary (on the upper E side of Blackcomb \)was above the Alpine Service Building/Rendezvous and Avy closures above 7th Avenue. We crossed it and took 7th Ave to Cloud Nine and out. Did 2 laps. One through Body Bag Bowl the other through Disease Ridge..
The snow at this elevation skis well but things are super bony. It really hard not to hit rocks. It was pristine snow protruded by boulders...
Dug a quick pit 1/3 of the way down a run mid ridge on lower Disease. There was about 1 meter of snow. F to 1F hard. Mostly 4F. A bit facetted. Foot pen was almost to ground. Did an ECT. and got no results.

The morning storm stopped at 11am and it turned into a beautiful afternoon.

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