Ski Conditions

snowpack and ski conditions

Whilrwind Pk, Singing Pass and Musical Bumps

Ski Conditions

Guiding for Canada West Mountain School. Nov 30/Dec 1.
On Nov 30 we skied up the Singing Pass Trail to access the Kees and Claire Hut. Trail breaking from mid pass up was almost knee deep. Although we skinned up from the village the trail is not really downhill skiable below Oboe Creek. The electric door lock at the hut was frozen or malfunctioning but we found another way in.

Temps where cool. -17 low to a high yesterday afternoon of -12.

At TL there is about 50cm F-4F snow accumulated above the Nov 21 crust. In the Alp there is 20-100cm snow above the crust. On the Wirlwind Gl near a natural Sz 2 I found a 5cm 4f layer directly above the crust with windslabs and recent storm snow above. The surface snow is light F density and skis really well. Wind exposed areas are scoured to the ice crust.

There is little coverage on glacier ice. 50-150cm is what I probed. The crevasses are hard to see due to thin windslab bridging.

Ski quality is really good almost excellent in wind sheltered areas, but the rock hazard is always present. Creeks at TL are a thing. And I would not try to ski below 1600m unless on a groomed run.

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