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Climbing Conditions

Just back from a recent Intro Mountaineering trip (July 13-17) where we were based out of the Bow Hut and ascended Mt. Gordon, Mt. Rhondda, and the Onion. Overall conditions were good with roughly 100-150cm snow coverage up to 2600m and 2m+ as we found ascending Gordon’s NW slopes. We did have to battle a bit of unsettled weather here and there (rain, lightning, hail, etc.) that kept moving in and out from the west. We did not have any overnight freezes, aside from the occasional & mild radiative freeze. Early morning temps and the hut (2350m) were usually around +4C. Fortunately travel was mostly good and it did not seem to deteriorate much by the early afternoon, unless the sun really popped out and weakened/saturated the surface snow. Mid-boot foot pen was typical, with few places were travel was quite poor due to isothermal snow and deep post holing (ie. Rhondda’s upper ridge and turning the nunatak on Gordon). We stayed clear of steep snow slopes, terrain traps, and moving close or underneath significant overhead hazards (cornices & seracs). Some large crevasses are just starting to open up while most are just starting to sags.

As we hiked out on Wednesday (July 17th) is rained (R1) the whole day.

Have a great summer!

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