Avalanche Conditions

Snow Pack Obs

Elfin Lks

Avalanche Conditions

Here is a bit of info about what the snow pack looks like at 1500m on a N aspect 25degree slope.

HS 85cm
Height of storm snow 40cm F+ hardness
Older snow below 45cm above ground is 1F hard
About 20cm above ground there is a 3cm P+ crust, below that to ground we found wet grains 1F hardness.
We saw a couple of resistant Easy Compression Tests in the recent Storm Snow.
Below that the crust at 20cm above ground failed with Hard hits but in inconsistent ways between tests. On the whole the snow felt warm moist and probably settling and bonding fast.

We did not have great visibility but during clear breaks we saw no new avalanche activity on slopes between Elfin Lks and the Collumnar Ridge. I could not start any avalanches on small test slopes.

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