Ski Conditions

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Ski Conditions

I went for a walk off Blackcomb via 7th Heaven today. We toured through Body Bag Bowl, down to Circle Lake and exited through Decker meadows back towards Disease Ridge. Overall conditions are thin in the Alpine, with lots of rocks on scoured slopes. Strong Southerly winds were moving snow in the Alp and open TL, and crossroading and building windslab in the lees. Cornices are growing, and bare ice is visible on 9th Hole and Circle Lake.

At 1940m in open TL, we had an average of 100cm of snow. A thin rhime crust was present on the surface on southerly aspects. The upper snowpack remains dry above 1600m, but the midpack to ground is moist. Our test pit showed the Nov 17th MFCR down 45-60cm from the surface and seems to be bonding well. However a density change down 15-20 cm repeatedly gave hard SP results on 3mm DF's and Stellars . The Nov 5th MFCR/RC/FC layer sits about 5-10cm off the ground and is rounding.

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