Ski Conditions

Ski Conditions

We skied Bow Summit yesterday (Friday, Dec. 6th) on a Backcountry Access (BCA) sponsored ski guide training day to work on track setting, ski guiding and snow observation skills. We skied below treeline and treeline terrain. A quiet day, especially for this zone, with only a few other parties. Recent storm snow amounts were around 30cm and it skied very well with a generally supportive mid-pack.

Thick, mid-height cloud prevented us from seeing much but other parties in the 93N corridor reported audible avalanches. Generally light winds, -7*C and snowing lightly throughout the day with the snowpack depth around 1 metre. Early season/low snowpack hazards were our main concern for the terrain we were in.

Not much slab development in the storm snow in protected areas at treeline, but watch out for steep, open treeline features and most alpine slopes. A nice day out for an early season skills refresher.

Jordy Shepherd
ACMG/IFMGA Mountain Guide
ACMG Vice President and Rockies Director

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